Global Governance

Like most people, I worry about the climate crisis and the growing social inequality and I am writing a book to prove to myself that there is a way out.

The book is about reinventing society and how to transition from a world of rivaling nation-states to a collaborative planet – from a world of destructive scarcity to sustainable abundance. A world, where people make the rules and machines follow them. 

My perspective is European and I am inspired by the Scandinavian countries that have a long cooperative tradition and have demonstrated that it is possible to solve inequality by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. 

As long as I live, this book will be work in progress. And if you share my concern for the future and my belief in human innovation, feel free to contribute. I promise to update the book as frequently as possible.

But first and foremost: share the book – and the invitation to contribute – with others!

You can open the document as an e-book in pdf or  ePub format.