Global Governance

Like most people, I worry about the climate crisis and the growing social inequity. I am therefore writing this essay to prove to myself that there is a way out.

The CORONA pandemic and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine took us by surprise. Nothing is as before and we must start working on a new vision for the survival of humanity.

This essay is my contribution. It is about how the Planet can be turned into a global village using the borderless and trustless governance that is being programmed into the Internet. It is about the exponential technology that will enable us to satisfy everybody’s basic needs in a sustainable an equitable way.

As long as I live, the essay is likely to be work in progress. If you share my concern for the future and my belief in innovation, feel free to contribute. I promise to update the document as frequently as possible.

You can download the essay as an e-book in pdf or  ePub format.